Explosion-Proof Industrial Air Filtration Units

At Air Daddy, safety is always our priority.

According to information provided by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), municipal fire departments in the U.S. respond to an annual estimated average of 37,910 fires at industrial or manufacturing properties, with annual losses from these fires estimated at 16 civilian deaths, 273 civilian injures, and $1.2 billion in direct property damage. Malfunctioning equipment has been established as the root cause in the majority of these fires.

At Air Daddy, safety is always our priority. All our industrial air filtration units are explosion-proof, featuring motors ruggedly built to self-contain any internal explosion without rupturing, and causing damage to external components and property, or harm to workers.

Air Daddy’s industrial air filtration units are designed to ensure high-performance, durability and safety as per NFPA and OSHA guidelines for the safe handling for various industrial fumes, smoke, mist, dust and combustible dust:

  • Ambient Air Cleaners – Ideal for extracting airborne dust and fumes from within the general facility
  • Downdraft Tables – Ideal for capturing weld fumes and grinding dust at-source
  • Wet Downdraft Tables – Ideal for capturing and arresting combustible dust at-source
  • Cartridge Dust Collectors – Versatile solution for capturing dust, fumes and smoke from multiple sources throughout a facility, and can either recycle clean air indoors or duct tainted air outdoors
  • Cyclone Dust Collectors – Owing to centrifugal force, Cyclone Dust Collectors are two-stage collectors that allow you to effectively capture and separate larger airborne chips and debris from smaller particulate when using common woodworking applications such as cutting, joining, planing and sanding
  • Wet Dust Collectors – Versatile solution for capturing and arresting combustible dust
  • Fume Extractors – Ideal for capturing harmful weld, paint, and solder fumes at-source
  • Oil Mist Collectors - Ideal for the collection of oil mist generated during machining and metalworking drilling and cutting processes

Explosion-proof motors are especially recommended for use in all Hazardous Class I Locations as defined by OSHA and the National Electric Code in the United States:

Class I Locations

A “Class I Location” is defined by the presence of flammable gases or vapors in the air in sufficient quantities to be explosive or ignitable. When these materials are found in the atmosphere, a potential for explosion exists if an electrical or other source of ignition is present.

Some typical Class I locations are:

  • Petroleum refineries, and gasoline storage and dispensing areas;
  • Dry cleaning plants where vapors from cleaning fluids can be present;
  • Spray finishing areas;
  • Aircraft hangars and fuel servicing areas; and
  • Utility gas plants, and operations involving storage and handling of liquified petroleum gas or natural gas.

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