Dust Daddy 2-16 Cartridge Dust Collectors

The Dust Daddy 2-16 Cartridge Dust Collector is a compact dust collection system with a small footprint for applications including metalworking, weld smoke and fumes, blasting, plastics and more. Typically, the Dust Daddy 2-16 would be found collecting dust and debris from a variety of areas around the building. This could include multiple weld cells or processes that require dust/fume collection.

Upon entry, the air encounters a sophisticated filtration process. Dust particles are swiftly captured on the exterior of our high-efficiency filters, thanks to the meticulously engineered airflow. This system isn’t just about capturing dust; it’s about optimizing its removal. The downward air movement within the collector is a key ally, significantly aiding in the seamless descent of dust particles into the hopper, where they are efficiently discharged.

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The Dust Daddy Cartridge Dust Collector’s ingenuity shines with its pulse clean system. When activated, this system expertly dislodges accumulated dust from the cartridges. Here, the downward air movement plays a crucial role yet again, ensuring the dislodged dust doesn’t get a chance to resettle or re-entrain on the filters. This feature is a game-changer, setting our system apart from those with vertical filters, where dust re-entrainment is a common challenge. In those systems, air entering from the side or below often struggles to prevent dust from being swept back into the airstream.

In summary, Dust Daddy Cartridge Dust Collector is a testament to superior engineering, designed to ensure a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient environment. It’s the solution for those who refuse to compromise on air quality.

Standard Features

  • Mild Steel Construction
  • Venturi-Assisted Pulse Filter Cleaning System
  • Action-Lock Quick Release Filter Doors
  • Inlets (2) Available
  • Nanofiber Cartridge Filters


  • Dust Drawer/Tray Bottom Material Outlet
  • Explosion Protected Models
  • Direct Drive Fans
  • Chamber and Exhaust Silencers
  • Air Management Modules
  • Steep-Sided Hopper
  • Service Platform (OSHA compliant)
  • Sprinkler Coupler
  • Alternate Filter Media Options
  • HSPA/ASHRAE Filters and Afterfilters
  • Bag-In/Bag-Out Kit (Filter & Discharge)

Additional information


5 HP – 40 HP


2000 – 14000 CFM







Filter Surface Area

4,064 sq. ft

Filter Quantity



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