Filter Daddy Jr Cartridge Filter Cleaners

Air Daddy is proud to introduce our new, automated Filter Daddy Jr. Cartridge Filter Cleaner.

By using three different types of cleaning; vibration, air, and rubber fingers, we are able to provide a deeper clean than ever before.

You simply place your cartridge filter inside the unit and turn it on. The cleaning process will start, rotating the filter during this automated process. The machine will run until someone powers it off. Each filter cleaning time may vary based on the amount of dirt in the filter. The average cleaning time should be 3-5 minutes per filter but will have to be determined by the operator.

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The Filter Daddy Jr. Cartridge Filter Cleaner is 120V and requires a compressed air supply of 100-140 psi. The unit comes equipped with casters and a 1 HP dust collector to capture the airborne dust created during the cleaning process.

Once you have cleaned several filters, open the backside door, and use the provided paddle to help push the remnant dust towards the dust collection opening. This will allow the dust to be captured in the dust collection bag on the side of the machine for easy disposal.

Compatible Filter Dimensions

  • 8” min. – 20” max. in diameter
  • 12” min. – 36” max. in length

Ideal Applications

  • Dust collector cartridges
  • Mining & construction machinery intake air filters
  • Gas turbine intake filters
  • Cylindrical cartridge filters/miscellaneous industries


  • Pays for itself with savings: reuse costly filters 4-8 times
  • Automated cleaning cycle
  • Environmentally friendly: longer-lasting filters means less waste and landfill.

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