Monarch Wall-Mounted Fume Extractors

Product Overview

Designed for durability and frequent use, the Air Daddy Monarch Wall-Mounted Fume Extractor is a heavy-duty fume extraction & filtration kit. Featuring an externally articulated 10’ flexible capture arm, the Air Daddy Monarch boasts a wide range of motion, making positioning easy. The Air Daddy Monarch is easy-to-install and affordable. Dangerous smoke, fumes, and other airborne contaminants are safely captured at-source, greatly reducing risk of exposure.

The Air Daddy Monarch’s high-efficiency 26” Nanofiber cartridge filter collects 99.8% of all particles 0.5 microns and larger before returning air to the facility. By capturing, cleaning, and recycling contaminated air, the Air Daddy Monarch works as a heat recovery device, helping to keep your energy costs while providing an environmentally-friendly solution.

Equipped with a 120V rotary motor starter, the Air Daddy Monarch can be conveniently mounted close to work areas. The remote mounting kit is a popular option for applications where the extraction arm needs to be mounted further away from the blower.

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